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Hazardous Chemical and Material, 
Acid and Flammable Storage Cabinets for Cleanroom and Lab Safety Applications!

SCE offers a unique line of safety cabinets and chemical storage cabinets for today's most demanding cleanroom and chemical laboratory environments. These safety cabinet products include painted steel and stainless steel flammable liquid storage cabinets, Justrite, paint, pesticide and drum cabinet units. Our all plastic, polypropylene cabinets offer years of cleanroom storage of your hazardous acid, corrosive chemicals without the rusting due to metal construction or the delaminating of wood core products. The desiccator cabinets provide a dry and safe storage of your sensitive products. The chemical transport carts are designed to the safety codes. Our vast experience and specialized manufacturing of our safety cabinets enables us to build one-of-kind safety products including desiccator cabinets, Justrite cabinet units, flammable liquid storage cabinets, chemical storage carts, paint, pesticide and drum cabinet units, acid storage carts and more in a cost effective method maintaining the highest quality safety cabinets around in the safety industry for today's most demanding cleanroom and chemical laboratory environments..
SCE Cleanroom Products- Flexibility and economy without sacrificing safety and cleanliness.
Polypropylene & Stainless Steel
Cabinets, Carts, Lab Furnishings & Custom Products
All Products Meet Strictest Cleanroom Standards
Cost-Effective Customization
Cutting-Edge Design Features
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Plant Safety & Maintenance Magazine Article
Solutions for Acid/Corrosive
Chemical Storage & Transport
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